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PR and Media Strategy

We live in a world of display ads, sponsored content, and promotional emails. Ironically, reaching a consumer effectively has never been more difficult.

Media strategy is the ideal approach to overcome this hurdle. However, many PR campaigns fail to reach their full potential because they are not aligned with a brand’s macro and micro strategies.

At PolyGrowth, our clients not only get access to some of the largest publications in the world, but more importantly, a customized PR strategy that is aligned with their general marketing strategy and immediate business goals. This guarantees lasting effects long after we’re gone.

Get your business in the headlines
Boost Your Brand Reputation
Achieve specific goals and track results

Content Strategy and Creation

Content is the bread and butter of any online marketing campaign these days. Yet most content marketing campaigns fail because their creators either lack sound knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) or the content is produced without a strategy and thus fails to achieve the actual business goals in the first place.

Building on in-depth content research and exemplary search engine optimization, we are able to produce highly targeted content. Whether you want to increase inbound leads, newsletter subscribers, or loyal followers on social media, we create content that converts.

Research-based, custom strategies
Exclusively goal oriented content
Content repurposing for maximum effect

Influencer Campaigns

In emerging industries like blockchain and certain consumer technologies, influencers are often the go-to source for information and education. That’s why working with influencers is an absolute must for brands in these sectors.

Yet while beauty or fashion brands can easily connect with popular online content creators through influencer platforms, opinion leaders in new markets often cannot be reached through the same systems.

Our network of influencers is focused on brand new industries that often elude traditional influencer platforms. By working with PolyGrowth, you gain access to the hottest KOLs and influencers in your niche, no matter how small.

Get access to niche influencers and Key opinion leaders
Enhance brand recognition and build a tribe
Get trackable results from your campagins

Consulting Included.

We are not just a service. We are a resource. Our clients can reach us anytime via instant messenger, talk to us on the phone at least once a week, and have access to our extensive network of professionals and entrepreneurs in technology industries. Without additional charge.

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