Our Mission

Traditional PR is broken. Spamming thousands of journalists with low-quality content is not only a waste of time but also makes a very negative impression.

Instead of sending thousands of emotionless emails, we focus on creating unique stories that appeal to the specific interests of the journalist.

Before getting started with the PR campaign of a new client, we always take a few days to research the company, product, and vision in detail to make sure that we are true experts.

Humans enjoy great stories, and we started PolyGrowth to write them for millions of souls. Let’s start writing yours.

About PolyGrowth

In exploding industries like Blockchain, Cannabis, and High-Tech, the PR and Marketing efforts of a company need to keep up with the fast-moving pace of the industry. Otherwise, it’s game over.

PolyGrowth was started in order to address that point. Based out of Cyprus, we work relentlessly to meet the highly specific PR and Marketing needs of companies and start-ups in new markets.

Let’s elevate your business

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