Hello Diamonds – Micro Case Study

The proprietary software of Hello Diamonds connects 7,000 diamond manufacturers around the globe with a list of more than 800,000 stones and taps into the $80 billion diamond market. The company uses blockchain technology to drastically reduce costs, increase transparency and simplify the process of acquiring and trading diamonds. Heart of the project is the Ethereum based cryptocurrency DiamCoin, which is the first token to be 100 percent backed by physical diamonds.



Hello Diamond’s DiamCoin is scheduled to go live in early 2019. The main PR goal of Hello Diamond’s was to create demand for their cryptocurrency prior to their launch. Hello Diamond’s later also decided to upgrade their token from Ethereum to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain and wanted to effectively communicate this change.



The target audience for Hello Diamonds can be mainly found in in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

To start the PR campaign, we decided to write and distribute a press release about the project on distribution channels that are relevant to the desired sector. When the team decided to move to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, we distributed another press release that shared the announcement. These press releases give journalists an excellent source of information for when they are writing an article.

With the press releases being distributed, the next step was to reach out to journalists and established media connections that might be interested in covering the story.



– Quick outline of the milestones completed in 45 days

Press releases:

Hello Group announces blockchain powered diamond platform, backed by Economics Nobel Prize winner”


Hello Diamonds announces infrastructure upgrade to Bitcoin Cash”


Stories on top-tier publications:


Stories on regular publications:



  • We have built a community of merchants that are eagerly waiting to start using DiamCoin as soon as the currency goes live in early 2019.
  • The stories we secured for Hello Diamonds rank #1 on search engines for the most profitable keywords of the company. These articles will now keep generating leads long after our PR efforts have concluded.
  • Hello Diamonds is now seen as a leader in the diamonds industry and the founder has been invited to conferences to share his expertise.