Heatmine – Micro Case Study

Heatmine has developed a technology that recycles thermal energy created by cryptocurrency miners. These processors create enough excess heat that heats all types of devices related to water heating (radiators, boilers, etc). Heatmine offers cheaper heating for homes, greenhouses, schools and swimming pools, often reducing costs by over 50%.



Heatmine is a young Canadian startup that is planning to start selling their Heatmine units in early 2019. The main goal of this PR campaign was to create general awareness, to establish credibility in the heating and energy business field, and to generate leads of companies and individuals in Canada that want to start using the Heatmine system as soon as it is available.


The target audience for Heatmine can be mainly found in four different sectors: Blockchain, Green-tech, Energy,  and Canada.

To start the PR campaign, we decided to write and distribute a press release about the project on distribution channels that are relevant to the desired sectors.

With the press release being distributed, the next step for achieving general awareness was to reach out to journalists and established media connections that might be interested in covering the story.


– Outline of the milestones completed in 60 days

PolyGrowth distributed the following Press Release:

Heatmine announces new heating unit powered by cryptocurrency miners”


PolyGrowth achieved press coverage on several reputable and relevant publications, that are read by tens of thousands of people.


Stories on top-tier publications:

Stories on regular publications:


  • Several companies in Quebec (Canada), have reached out to Heatmine to use their heating systems for factories and warehouses. Some of them have even already proceeded with running a test trial. In the words of Bill Auger, CEO of Meta Auger, “The savings we have made with Heatmine to heat our metal warehouses will allow us to expand and reinvest in our company.”
  • Heatmine is now a recognized name in the green energy sector and the management has been invited as keynote speakers to multiple industry conferences.