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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The Blockchain space is a noisy world that attracts skeptics like bees to honey. Furthermore, the values of the cryptocurrency community are highly unique, which is why traditional PR and Marketing agencies struggle to perform well in this industry. At PolyGrowth we have not only worked with countless Blockchain companies, achieving amazing results, but some of our team members have also founded successful cryptocurrency companies.

Understand the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Audience
Provide In-Depth Blockchain-related Content
Connect with Publications, Journalists and Influencers

Legal and Medical Cannabis

Cannabis is a booming industry that is just getting started in its growth path. However, the world of legal and medical marijuana is still afflicted with an overall negative stigma in the media, which can make it harder to push a business out there. At PolyGrowth we have cracked the code. Through a methodic combination of engaging stories in major publications, educational content, and community engagement, we will elevate your Cannabis business.

Build Awareness in the Cannabis Industry
Establish Credibility with non Cannabis Patients and Users
Share Your Expertise with the Cannabis Community

IoT, AI, BioTech, SAAS, and more

High-Tech companies and start-ups cannot afford not having an aggressive PR and Growth strategy. Among many other things, at PolyGrowth we have helped High-Tech companies to increase sales, raise funds from top investors, and to grow a community of relentless evangelists.

Visualize your Dreams and let People Understand what You are Working on
Focus on High-Quality Content Production for Your Company Blog
Be Active on Social Media Channels and Engage with Potential Customers

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