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Enterprise services often need to display solid structures characterized by stability, predictability, and a high degree of customer centricity. Even a single long-term partnership with a large coporate client can help an enterprise service brand reach new heights. But that’s easier said than done. Without a stellar reputation, working with these corporate giants is often out of reach.

At PolyGrowth, we’ve worked with a number of distinct enterprise services from a variety of niches. We know that enterprise clients are looking for very different messages and communication channels than others. Most importantly, we know what they want to see and where they want to see it. Below are the three pillars on which we build our enterprise service PR campaigns.

High profile and reputable niche publications only
Strong Focus on C-LEVEL Thought Leadership
Traditional Media and PR, Rather than Social Media Campaigns

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An IT Infrastructure Provider

bussr design01_00000

Recognized as one of the fastest-growing startups in South East Asia, Bussr provides critical IT infrastructure to some of the largest fleet operators in the region and facilitates millions of journeys every month. Read our case study to discover how we helped Bussr get off the ground in the early stages of its business.

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