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When it comes to consumer goods and e-commerce, many brands today face significant competition online. Consumers have long recognized this and are willing to devote substantial time to researching available products or substitutes before making a purchase. In this orientation phase of the purchase decision, consumers typically rely on independent reviews.

This is precisely where PolyGrowth comes in. Through our extensive network of journalists, we can help your brand get invaluable product reviews from recognized media journalists and social media influencers. Combined with strategic SEO placements, your products can soon be in front of hundreds of thousands of potential customers, mediated by the right ambassadors.

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Our key To Success: High Profile Product Reviews

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From e-commerce brands to wearables, mobile applications, and gene services — here are the PolyGrowth Consumer PR alumni

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A Women’s Wearables Company

bellabeat design01_00000

With close to 1 million premium fitness trackers sold, Bellabeat is a leading brand in the wearables industry. Read our case study to learn how we supported Bellabeat before, during, and after the launch of its new flagship product.

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