PolyGrowth PR case study: Verasity

Verasity is a protocol- and product-level blockchain platform for Esports and digital content. Best known for its patented proof-of-view technology, Verasity helps both advertisers and content creators become more efficient and profitable. Specifically, its technology is configured to eliminate ad fraud and increase viewership and engagement.

When we first got in touch with Verasity, the brand was already quite advanced. It had a successful cryptocurrency ($VRA), a proven and tested technology, and a community of respectable size. With the foundation laid, Verasity was now looking for more institutional partnerships with major players, particularly in non-crypto industries.

Our media strategy for Verasity

During our multiple campaigns for Verasity, our PR team mostly had two objectives. The first objective was to maintain a steady buzz in the crypto world to increase the brand’s attractiveness for investments and partnerships. Additionally, another goal was to build a reputation in traditional industries in order to prepare the brand for partnerships with mainstream institutions outside of crypto.

The first objective was managed by frequent pitching about upcoming news and developments from Verasity to crypto journalists. A secular focus of our team were crypto influencers on YouTube, in order to build a portfolio of video interviews and reviews by KOLs.

To support the brand for mainstream partnerships, our PR team focused on high-profile mainstream media publications. In addition to articles on outlets such as the International Business Times and Yahoo Finance, we also secured high-profile podcasting opportunities from media brands like Entrepreneur and Inc.

Signature publication: CoinMarketCap.com

By 2022, it seems fair to say that every person holding cryptocurrencies has at least visited CoinMarketCap.com at least once in their lives. But did you know that the site is actually among the top 60 most clicked websites globally? When we finally convinced one of the CMC reporters to take a closer look at Verasity, we already knew where it was going to lead us.

The final result: a 1,500-word in-depth piece about everything Verasity does, and a Twitter post on a 4.5-million-followers account that exceeded the account’s average engagement rates by 1,800%.

Our Legacy

Our international media campaign helped the company build rapport during crucial negotiations with major companies. Partnerships signed include deals with Nasdaq-listed Brightcove, Tencent Games, and many other global companies.

On the other hand, our cryptocurrency-focused campaign ensured that Verasity’s community grew across all media channels and the price of the cryptocurrency VRA increased by more than 1,200% at its peak.