PolyGrowth PR case study: Taeltech

Taeltech is primarily known for being China’s biggest blockchain data company. Consumers use the brand’s blockchain-powered technology to verify the authenticity of products and learn more about the products they are consuming.

Moreover, Taeltech is able to leverage consumer data accumulated from engagement on its mobile application for marketing research.  This includes market intelligence gathering, hypothesis formulation, hypothesis validation, and measuring the campaign’s feedback. However, its main business consists of three components.

When Taeltech approached us, the team was looking for a small yet highly impactful selection of PR features that provide a strong foundation for its brand perception among enterprise clients and investors. Quality, not quantity was the key.

Our media strategy for Taeltech

In order to reach global executives and investors that might find Tealtech’s value proposition appealing, our PR team was tasked to find not only reputable media outlets but also specific English-speaking journalists that have experience and know-how about the Chinese retail market. To connect with journalists of this type, our team opted to pitch the Taeltech founders’ original story as well as the company’s great development over the past few years.

Additionally, to also offer high quality content to the blockchain savvy investors, our team allocated resources towards connecting with institutional YouTube influencers in the blockchain sector. In the end, the campaign was concluded with four high profile media placements, as well as 1.5 hour YouTube podcast interview with an international blockchain research firm.

Signature publication: Forbes.com

With Tiffany Lung, our team has found an absolute expert on the Chinese retail market. Tiffany, who has been covering the sector for Forbes since May 2020, is a market research analyst specializing in retail strategy in Asia. With her unique insights, she was able to break down Taeltech’s business in a fascinating way.

As a result, Taeltech’s article was promptly selected as an Editor’s Pick, a rare honor that increases visibility on Forbes and also enables a post on Forbes’ 17-million-followers Twitter account.

Our Legacy

Since the completion of our PR campaign, the reputation of the Taeltech brand has improved significantly. The media placements we secured had a combined reach of more than 125,000 viewers, most of whom are from highly educated backgrounds. The first two pages of Google search results for the keyword “Taeltech” now feature in-depth editorial articles from some of the largest business publications in the world. Through the secured video placement, the brand has also gained brand assets in the form of short clips that break down Taeltech’s blockchain views in an easy-to-grasp way. The company is now poised to enter into new institutional partnerships in the coming years.