PolyGrowth PR case study: Bellabeat

Bellabeat is a data-driven wellness company for women. A leader in the wearable tech market, Bellabeat’s premium fitness tracker, Leaf, has sold nearly 1 million units and was ranked the best smart wearables product of 2021 by Business Insider’s staff.

When Bellabeat approached us in 2020, the company was on the verge of officially achieving unicorn status and thus prepared for a new phase of its business. The launch of a new flagship product was imminent, and the brand was considering going public. It was time for new media attention to create buzz around the brand.

Our media strategy for Bellabeat

Our collaboration with Bellabeat encompassed two campaigns. The first was about creating a positive corporate image that would appeal to investors and business partners. To achieve this, we pitched Bellabeat’s hiring of renowned economist Jeppe Christiansen to some of the largest business and financial media, such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, International Business Times, and others.

On the other hand, we were tasked with promoting Bellabeat’s upcoming product launch, Ivy, to the brand’s target audience of tech-savvy Millennial women who live a healthy lifestyle. Among other media outlets, we were able to convince journalists from Tech Crunch, Forbes, Tech Times, and Influencive of Ivy‘s USPs, resulting in significant media coverage for the brand.

Other campaigns included promoting Bellabeat’s postnatal depression fund and the brand’s new corporate wellness program, which includes LG, Coca-Cola and Microsoft.

Signature publication: Forbes.com

This exciting article by a senior contributor at Forbes is one of our first secured media pieces for Bellabeat. We came across Yola when we were looking for reporters for high-profile publications that are frequented not only by mainstream audiences, but also by high-level executives. At Forbes, we found the perfect match.

Yola is not only a business expert who covers founders, brands and trends in various industries. She also focuses specifically on brands by or for women. With her in-depth knowledge of these topics, Yola was able to write a great piece that not only showcases Bellabeat’s latest star-studded lineup, but also tells the story of how Bellabeat’s two founders created a sustainable brand that helps women live a healthy and athletic lifestyle. All in all, a great piece that will be an asset for many years to come.

Our Legacy

PolyGrowth’s media campaigns for Bellabeat have strengthened the brand’s position as a major player in the wearables industry. Investors from across the technology sector have become familiar with the company’s strong management, which is preparing Bellabeat for a potential IPO.

The brand has also seen massive success with Ivy. Within just an hour of the launch announcement, Ivy was pre-ordered 20,000 times. That number increased to 50,000 within weeks. After the official launch was postponed due to the ongoing global chip shortage, Ivy began shipping in late 2021 and is now being used by hundreds of thousands of women around the world.