Humans enjoy great stories

And at PolyGrowth we write them for millions of readers. 

We are a team of cryptocurrency writers, social media influencers, and blockchain start-up founders that leverage engaging content and large media publications to build powerful communities. 


Content gems

Instead of boring mass emails

Traditional PR is broken. Spamming thousands of journalists with low-quality content is not only a waste of time but also makes a very negative impression of the company that is being promoted.

Instead of sending out thousands of emotionless emails, we put a lot of effort into creating unique stories that appeal to the personal interests of the journalist we are approaching. Before getting started with the PR campaign of a new client, we always also take a couple days to make sure that we are true experts in their brand, product, and vision. 


Featured Team

  • Simon Moser

    Founder, Content

  • Konstantin Kaiser

    Director, Growth

  • Max Kaiser

    Director, Client Relations

  • Pascal Thellmann

    CMO Bounty0x
    Strategic Advisor